Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

When you use our websites, mobile apps, and other online services (collectively, the "Services"), [Bulqe] ("we," "us," or "our") will collect, use, and share information about you according to the terms in this privacy policy ("Policy").
If you use our services, it means that you are giving your consent for us to collect, use, and share your information in accordance with this policy. If you do not agree with the guidelines and regulations that we have in place, please do not utilize any of our services. 

The information that we assemble to have

When you use our services, we will collect information about you using a variety of methods and file formats, depending on the method used.

We collect the information that you provide directly to us when you:

  • Create An Account With Us,
  • Place An Order,
  • Get In Touch With Our Customer Service Department.

This includes information such as:

  • Your Name,
  • Email Address,
  • Payment Information.
  • Phone Number,
  • Billing And Shipping Addresses,

any other information that you choose to provide, if you so choose.

The following categories of information may be automatically collected when you use our services:

  • We May Automatically Get Some Information About The Device You Are Using When You Use Our Services.
  • How You Are Using Our Services.
  • This Information May Include Things Like Your IP Address Or Internet Protocol Address,
  • The Type Of Device You Are Utilizing,
  • The Operating System You Are Running,
  • The Type Of Browser You Are Utilizing,
  • The Website That Led You to Our Services In The First Place.

Information That We Collect from Third Parties

  1. It is possible that we will also collect information about you from third parties, such as social media platforms, data providers, and partners. This information may be combined with the information that we collect about you directly.
  2. This information may include your name, email address, and other information that you have made publicly available or that a third party has shared with us.
  3. It may also include information about you that was provided to us by that third party. Additionally, this information might include information that a third party provided to us.

Application of the Knowledge

We will use the information that we collect to:

  • Provide Our Services;
  • Maintain Our Services,
  • Improve Our Services.
  • To Communicate With You;
  • To Fulfill Our Legal Obligations.

To be more specific, we might put the information you provide to use in the following ways:

  • You've asked us to offer and provide the products and services you've requested.
  • Which includes the processing of any orders and financial transactions that may come up.
  • Discuss with you your account, orders, and the various other services that you make use of with us.
  • Respond to your questions and inquiries.
  • Keep a close eye on the current trends as well as the levels of usage and activity that are associated with our services.
  • Make sure you are following the law and protecting yourself from any possible legal trouble.

We can make your time using our services more enjoyable and tailored to you by, for example, showing you content and making suggestions based on what you're interested in.

The Sharing of Data with Other Organizations

In a dropshipping business, the sharing of data with other organizations can refer to the practice of sharing customer or order information with third parties for various purposes. This could mean sharing information with suppliers and manufacturers to make it easier to fill orders or with marketing and advertising partners to send ads and promotions to customers who are most likely to be interested in them.

Hence, it is important for a dropshipping business to have a clear and transparent privacy policy that explains when and why data may be shared with other organizations. With the help of our team of experts, we can also help you get customers' permission before you share their information with third parties.

Third-Party Access Policy

At Bulqe, we take the privacy and security of our customers' data seriously. As part of our business operations, we may need to give access to certain third parties to some of our customers' data. This policy explains when and why we may do this and how we ensure that third parties use this data in a responsible and secure manner.

When We May Give Third Parties Access to Customer Data

We may give third parties access to customer data in the following circumstances:

  • To process orders and make sure they arrive on time, we may need to share customer information with our suppliers and manufacturers.
  • In order to help customers, we may need to share their information with our customer service team or with third-party service providers who can answer questions or solve problems.
  • In order to abide by the law, we might have to disclose customer information in certain circumstances, such as when we receive a subpoena or court order.
  • To protect our rights: We may need to share customer data in order to enforce our policies or to protect the rights, property, or safety of our company or our customers.

How We Ensure Third Parties Use Customer Data Responsibly

We take the following steps to ensure that third parties use customer data responsibly:

  • We only give out information that is needed to finish the task at hand.
  • We expect third parties to keep the information private and only use it for the reason it was given to them.
  • We make written agreements with third parties to make sure they follow our rules and any laws that apply.
  • We regularly review and audit the ways that our third-party partners handle customer information to make sure that they do so in a safe and responsible way.

Your rights and choices

You have the following rights and choices regarding your data:

  • Opt-out of Marketing Communications: You can opt-out of receiving promotional emails from us by following the unsubscribe instructions in the emails you receive or by contacting us at [contact email]. Please note that even if you opt out of receiving promotional emails, we may still send you transactional emails related to your account or orders.
  • We reserve the right to give third parties access to your personal information to meet our legal obligations. All to protect our rights, property, or safety, or to protect the rights, property, or safety of our customers or other people.
  • Access and Correct Your Data: You have the right to request access to your data and to request that we correct or delete any inaccurate or incomplete data. You can do this by contacting us at [contact email].
  • Object to Data Processing: You have the right to object to our processing of your data in certain circumstances. If you object, we will stop using your data unless we can show that we have strong, legitimate reasons to do so that are more important than your rights and interests.

Sharing of information

The process of distributing information

We may share some of your information with third parties under the following circumstances, but only if those conditions are met:

  1. In order to successfully run our business, we rely on a wide range of vendors, service providers, and other outside parties. Payment processors, fulfillment centers, and data analytics service providers are a few examples of these types of service providers.
  2. There's a chance that these third parties will have access to your information to the extent that they need it to do their jobs. However, they are strictly forbidden from using your information for anything other than what they need to do to do their jobs.
  3. If you give us permission ahead of time, we may share your information for marketing and promotion purposes with our business partners and companies that are related to us.
  4. With law enforcement, government agencies, or other third parties, as the data may require.
  5. It is by law or as may be necessary to protect the rights, property, or safety of us, our customers, or other individuals.
  6. While our company was merging, buying, or selling all or part of its assets.

Your choices and rights

You can do the following things with your personal information, and the law will protect you if you do:

Opt-out of marketing communications: If you no longer want to receive promotional emails from us, you can unsubscribe by either following the instructions in those emails or sending us an email at the address listed in the "contact" section of our website. If you no longer wish to receive promotional emails from us, you can opt out of receiving them. Please be aware that even if you choose not to receive promotional emails from us, we may still send you transactional emails relating to your account or orders even after you have opted out of receiving promotional emails from us. This is something that you should be prepared for.

Access and Correct Your Information: You have the right to access and correct any information that pertains to you personally. This includes medical records. You can access and update some of your information through the settings of your account or by contacting us at the email address listed in the "contact" section of our website. Alternatively, you can change some of your information directly.

We reserve the right to delete your account. Please get in touch with us at [contact email] if you would like your account to be deactivated. Please be aware that we might need to keep certain information if the law requires it or if we have legitimate business needs to do so.

Exercise Your Rights Under Applicable Data Protection Laws: Make the most of the numerous data protection laws that are currently in effect. You may be eligible for certain rights under the data protection laws that are currently in effect while using our system. such as the right to object to or request the restriction of processing your personal information, the right to request access to or deletion of your personal information, or the right to object to or request the restriction of processing your personal information. If you would like to exercise any of these rights, please contact us at the email address listed in the "contact" section.

Children's Privacy: You can also design a privacy policy that, like ours, will protect children's right to privacy. Both the marketing of our goods and services, which are not directed toward children younger than 13, and the collection of personally identifiable information from children younger than 13 are not things that we knowingly do. If we find out that we have collected personal information from a child who is younger than 13 years old, we will take the necessary steps to delete that information from our files as soon as we become aware of the fact. This will happen as soon as we find out that we have collected the information.

Data Modification

In a dropshipping business that acts as a CMS connector, "data modification" refers to the process of updating or changing the data that is stored in the business's systems. This can include modifying customer information, product details, order details, and other types of data. Data modification is often necessary to keep the company's systems up to date and to correct any errors or inconsistencies in the data. This policy may be subject to occasional updates in order to reflect any changes that we make to the way that we handle information. These updates will take place in order to ensure that this policy is always up to date. We strongly suggest that you come back to this policy often to find out the most up-to-date information about the privacy protections we have in place.

Suppliers Network

It is possible that we will make use of the services of third-party service providers and suppliers in order to facilitate the delivery of the services. In a dropshipping business that acts as a CMS connector, the "supplier’s network" refers to the network of suppliers and manufacturers that provide the company with products to sell. The CMS connector works with these suppliers to manage inventory and fulfil orders placed by customers. The supplier network is an essential part of the dropshipping business, as it ensures that the company has a steady supply of products to sell and can fulfill orders in a timely manner. These vendors and service providers might have access to the information you provide to the extent that is necessary for them to perform the tasks assigned to them. We require that all of our vendors and service providers keep your information private and only use it for the limited purpose of giving us the services we need.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this policy or our data practices, please contact us at [contact email] or at the following address:

[Bulqe] [Address] [City, State, ZIP]

Effective Date: [Date]


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