Enjoy reduced Security Risking probability

Bulqe lets businesses deploy pre-built workflow management system. You can create custom security options without coding.

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Why Bulqe?

We are aware that chargebacks are a source of stress for your team. If you want things to go more smoothly when a chargeback happens, be sure to include Bulqe. Because it’s Bulqe who provides top of the line data security. With a category one security levels you can let your customer shop with added convenience.


Bulqe lets businesses automate online security processes, and campaigns.

  • We helps you review 'High Risk' Orders.

  • We helps you Block Bad Requests or Actors.

  • Notify Your Support Team of Chargebacks.

  • We capture/identify security Errors.

  • Reduce Broken CSVs by keeping CSV backups.

  • Automating e-commerce tasks saves time for business development.

Leverage convenience

Forget Worries

Forget about deleting files or accessing corrupted files by accident.

All are well organized and backed up, hence the complete solution for accidentally deleted files.

With Bulqe you can careful analyze payout’s 'trigger, condition, and action'.

We instead of malicious code looks for 'triggers' that trigger 'fraudulent actions'.

frontresources.This is instrumental in helping you to focus on managing and protecting your data.

Win Competition

All designed to increase your creditability

  • Our advanced payment manager checks for fraudulent requests.

  • Quarantine Payments for fraud before processing.

  • Identifying and Blocking dangerous security threats.

  • We provide immediate Backup of your company data. Our Backups restores your company's data in a few clicks.

  • Implementing the Bulqe-able security management system will give you a competitive advantage in the market.


Make sure your system is safe

Each of the six requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) are met by Bulqe.

Bulqe can backup and restore all your files and data. Safe data backup saves time, money, and data loss.

Reliable data restoration boosts security efficiency. Best alternatives are picked for you.

We provide up-to-date Accounting, Productivity, Development security.


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