Automatically calculate sales tax for customers

This is still possible despite the fact that tax laws and rules can be difficult and frequently change. With Bulqe you as a business owner can charge taxes to your customers and pay your taxes.

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Why Bulqe?

Bulque is a one-stop shop for all aspects of your taxes query as well. They Helps to reduce tax fraud, and adhering to the Government taxation rules. Bulqe features third party plugin that you can use for keeping track of taxes on online transactions, and takes care of tax processing payments.


Integrations of ecommerce Tax Solution based applications for organizations

  • Bulqe uses a variety of standard tax slabs for transactions from different third party applications.

  • All kept currently to reflect changes in tax law.

  • If you elect to use the default rates, we ensure that they are accurate and appropriate for your circumstances.

  • We help you to adhere to specific tax laws or circumstances, so that you can utilize tax overrides.


Charge your customers the correct prices and submit the appropriate taxes

Bulqe provides calculations and reports that should facilitate tax form completion and payment.

Bulqe will not file your sales tax returns or provide you with refunds. Managing sales tax necessitates that you register your business with the appropriate tax authority.

We can check with a local tax authority or a tax expert if you want to ensure that you are charging the correct amount of sales tax to your customers.

One of a kind

We feature a one of a kind tax solution

  • With our system, tax rates can be configured in multiple ways.

  • While operating in Europe ensure exact compliance with tax regulations.

  • Using our in build app store you can find the best tax application.

  • We can help you in calculating and keeping track of the sales tax you owe on your purchases.


Third Party Tax Software Sync

This comprehensive suite of tools was designed with multichannel retailers in mind so that beside orders, products, and inventory, taxation can be synchronized easily and automatically.



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