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We facilitate Discussion boards within online retailers through dedicated chat. You can enable live chat for online store here. Adjust your live chat service as per your website’s needs.

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Why Bulqe?

We provide convenience at the best. From the Bulqe admin page you can access the customer queries. We also helps you for Segregation of Apps and Sales Channels. You are always, market ready with Bulqe all by communicating in a better way. You can bring change into your public brand image amongst the sales channel.


Features we include:

  • Easy Monitoring of customer interactions.

  • On time responding to online store customer interactions.

  • Smooth catering of Customer Service.

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of your business through data analytics.

  • Analysing the chat queue for solving customer grievances.

  • Reducing customer dissatisfaction When making an online purchase.


Good words of mouth for your active CSR presence

We assist you with your market branding and appearance.

We make chats visible to consumers, through our online store's chat area.

You can also disable online chat in the store. This settings based change removes the live chat function from your online store.

You can change the appearance of the button and chat window to match the rest of your website's design.


Some more of our service specs

  • Customers who shop online have several options for receiving responses to their inquiries and tracking the status of their products.

  • The customer can track the status of their order by accessing the online store's chat feature and then entering the order number and associated email address.

  • Customers are given the order status, a tracking number (if the purchase has shipped), and a link to the order status page via the chat window.


Chat button in the online store’s Customization

A customer browsing your online store can initiate a conversation with you by clicking a chat icon. You can change the appearance of the buttons under Theme Customizations to match the design of the rest of your store.

Change the greetings in store chat to reflect the personality of your brand

When a consumer opens a chat session with your company, a greeting appears in the chat window's header.


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