Manage multiple online store from single panel

Bulqe's administrative dashboard is in charge of this. The dashboard is made up of many multi-store features. You can switch to any store and view related products, orders, etc.

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Why Bulqe?

Different dashboard of different store will likely provide you with pertinent information, including store trends, open rates, sales and products. Under same platform you can manage multiple store. You just have to switch store and view related information.


What do we provide?

  • Ease of using the same platform.

  • Ease of managing multi-store e-front panels.

  • Provide product and storefront ideas.

  • Assist with templates and content-based designs.

  • Sorting and selection of the right product suppliers.

  • Changing website and product content at bulk.

  • Assist with SEO & digital marketing campaigns.

Multi Store Panel Service

Bulqe, considering the crunch of funds and time.

We ensure functional cost reduction through our multi-storefront panel designs.

You will be minimally charged for every multi-storefront panel design.

Select a free ecommerce template for multi store to start with. Most of the themes are free.

Search and add products to multi store from our trusted suppliers from multiple channels.

Ease of Access

Bulqe provides ease of access to customers by:

  • By managing their storefront.

  • Facilitates automation of in-store inventories.

  • Automates the process of sending and tracking promotional emails.

  • Considering the data analysis of sales numbers, so that you can plan accordingly.

  • Calculate the overall progress made to attract more customers.


Order Management

You can switch store to check new orders, return orders and schedule your order for dispatch. If needed communicate with customers for each store.

Manage your Inventory

You can switch store to manage your products. Check your stock and sales analytics and understand which store is performing good.


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