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With Bulqe you can sit back and watch your business grow. You can design and deploy timely, relevant marketing campaigns with minimal planning.

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Why Bulqe?

To increase customer Conversion efficiency, you should use Bulqe to choose recipients from current lists or create new, interest-specific lists. It is by selecting the receivers of your requests, you can boost their specificity. Which impacts conversion rates.


Bulqe system offers everything you need to create your business including:

  • Marketing layouts.

  • Comprehensive reports.

  • The ability to automate.

  • Data based accuracy in every aspect of your operation.

  • You can send brand-specific emails that look and feel professional.


Develop your own unique techniques

Automation can be as specific or broad as the user’s customer conversion demands. You can create your own procedure by:

Selecting a trigger, Selecting criterion, Adding necessary customer waiting time, Choosing the right e mail campaign or templates , Writing or selecting the right catchy phrases.

Bulqe initiates a customer conversion based conditional and logical intelligent system.

Expansion of your business

With Bulqe you can aim for growth from ....

  • Repetitive sales

  • Visits

  • Footfalls

  • Surveys

  • Cookies and bot-performed search process.

  • Test your automations and alter your business procedures to boost consumer engagement


Marketing automation that assists in Customer Conversion

Put your trust in our Customer Conversion capability. You can now select subsets of subscribers, who will receive the message.

frontresources.Segregate your campaigns

Bring variety such as 'new customers,' 'VIP customers,' and 'local customers'.


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