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Bulqe allows you to provide social services to millions of people. Get help from bulk suppliers and greener third-party vendors. Meet like-minded merchants around the world.

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Why Bulqe?

You can design your ad campaign link them with an ongoing social campaigns. All with minimal cost and rigorous human efforts Bulqe is an expert, in creating a group effort to enhance your company's growth.


You can choose from the list of various social media platforms like:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Youtube

  • Social e-commerce is included in Bulue's Client Information Policy.


Participate in any Social Ecommerce program

By building networked community and by sharing your story. All you can do is inspire global entrepreneurship to contribute to social causes.

You can earn good will from carrying out marketing efforts of others. Our services helps getting the right traffic. Bulqe social commerce aids in carrying out CSR tasks.

The social commerce program provides stability for the company. As a result, our service using members can proceed with great confidence when conducting social media campaigns.

Fuel your expansion

Open new retail locations or relocate existing ones

  • Create e-stores from scratch or migrate your existing online store to the Bulqe platform to conduct ecommerce socially.

  • Bulqe contributes greatly to your growth and expansion plans. It is done by recruiting suppliers and merchants who abide by the international carbon emission guidelines.

  • We are giving existing suppliers the ability to verify and sell those items that are environment friendly.



You can join a huge community of social contributors and merchants. You can partner with events and conduct social e-commerce with a meaningful vision.

Problem yours solution rest upon Bulqe

If you desire to enter a new market, then a solid marketing plan is required. Bulqe helps you with all the necessary tools to ease your journey.


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