Bulqe provides analysis and reporting on sales

We provide the best reporting and analytics tools for your e-commerce products. Product analytics can provide information about how your products have performed over time.

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Why Bulqe?

Use sales reports to monitor your company's performance over time, by product, or by channel. Our analytics and reporting include stock data. Bulqe’s Inventory metrics let you judge how well your inventory is doing and use that information to plan.

Our analytics and reporting helps you to gain Data insights'. With which you can gain the ability to drive business advancement besides getting a detailed breakdown of your store's performance at any time. Real-time monitoring of traffic flow, as well as sales, orders, and customers.


We provide Sales analysis and reporting assist you in:

  • Better understanding the customers who buy specific products.

  • Identify the traffic sources that brought customers to your online store led to the most sales.

  • How product sales have changed over time.

  • Finding those channels that generated the most net sales of specific product.


Command and Control

Increase your ability to see the big picture. Gain access to dozens of metrics that cover all of your organization's critical aspects.

Contextual knowledge

Discover patterns, track the progression of events, and make changes all while working on the same screen.

Real-time analysis

You can get a detailed breakdown of your store's performance at any time. Everything from traffic and audience size to sales and revenue is tracked in real time.

Sublime the Competition


Repeat the measurement, evaluation, and development processes. Nothing needs to be installed or configured because everything is ready to use right away in Bulqe.

Marketing research reports

  • You Can Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Your Marketing Initiatives.

  • Gain Insight into Your Conversions with the Help of Marketing Reports.

  • Enjoy Higher Conversion Rates With The Implementation Of Your Data Reporting And Analytics.


Sales and marketing reports

Find out what brings people to your online store in the first place and what makes them buy from you.

Pixels on the web

Collect and manage pixel data to analyze customer behavior in your store.

Product Quality

Live View provides you with a real-time Product Quality Evaluation.


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