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Why Bulqe?

Complete ease of hosting and hence best option in market to Maintain Control over your e-commerce or drop shipping sites. Bulqe simplifies hosting administration, allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

Hosting is included in your monthly plan, so you will not need to remember to renew multiple subscriptions or make separate payments for hosting and services.


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  • It doesn't matter who you are, what your budget is or how fast you want to get up and running.

  • Start by adding your domain name and choose an ecommerce theme that reflects your business.

  • Bulqe offers custom-built ecommerce templates that are tailored to the needs of your brand hosting.

  • We care for your customers need, our hosting services are a hallmark of modern web design.

Reasonable price

Our Mission Statement

To cater High-quality hosting through Powerful customization at reasanable rate.

Quick and easy way to integrate domain.

Bulqe aim to provide best in-class hosting services so that your customers can enjoy uninterrupted simple as well as safe product purchase experience.


With Bulqe hosting services your e-commerce site can ensure:

  • Effortless Server-To-Server Checkout.Means, increase the conversion rates for your store with our ecommerce checkout designed for seamless conversion.

  • Effortless Api Based Support. frontresources.With Bulqe you can literally create Endless Possibilities. Our open API lets you integrate your own software and customize them.

  • Bulqe ensures that the whole E-commerce process can be brushed up to suit your and your customers’ needs.


What you get after your host on our platform

Get better query results. Choosing the right hosting solutions and keywords related to your industry will bring more people to your new website and raise awareness of your brand.

With us, your company's online visibility grows

Bulqe’s hosting accurately reflects the company’s nature. Our hosting will help you grow in importance.


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