Bulqe helps you reap the benefits of a customer-focused return policy.

A customer-friendly return policy is typically the determining factor between a company that depends on one-time sales and one that relies on recurring transactions.

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Why Bulqe?

frontresources.A customer may be dissatisfied with their purchase for a variety of reasons, including shipping damage, receiving the incorrect size, or the items failing to meet their expectations. They need a replacement or a complete refund. But without a plan for how to handle them, these requests can take up a lot of time, energy, and money. This where our expertise lies.


Customer Centricity

  • Today Customers Reviews the store's return and exchange policies before making a purchase.

  • With Bulqe your cost of getting new customers goes down. As we are putting your customer retention and value development at the top of our lists.

  • If a company has great return policy aided by equally abled customer service, it will definitely keep clients and make more money over time.

  • Provide customers to choose between a refund and an exchange (usually for a gift card or a product of the same value) options.

Handle Returns

With Bulqe your dropship problems are always resolved

With the right return policy and infrastructure, returns and exchanges might become a source of income and generate repeat customer.

We provide a high-level overview of a return policy that can be tailored to your organization's specific requirements.

Obtain real-time statistics. The amount to be transferred, altered, reimbursed, in case of failure in return.

  • We help you reduce the cost of return labels.

  • The prices for printing return labels are reasonable.

  • Customers can make purchases with reasonable expectations as Bulqe helps you clearly state your return and exchange policies.

  • Choose right services to handle returns and exchanges can save you time.

  • You can also benefit from saving money in order fulfilment and operations.


Bulqe's Shipping

This allows you to easily handle returns and exchanges. With us you develop the ability to create return mailing labels.

What you can?

Customers can start a return, get a return mailing label, and choose an alternative product all from the same place.

Our supporting Shipping partners deal with debit and credit card information adhere to the PCI DSS.


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