Inbuild Apps in order to support the expansion of business

Bulqe's app store, which functions as a 'boost,' has a significant impact on business operations. These combinations and programs should not be undervalued in terms of their efficacy.

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Why Bulqe?

Our built-in app store makes it simple to find the right application. This system, which is based solely on advertising, has a number of benefits. One of them is the opportunity to increase sales and entice customers who did not purchase the first time. Assumptions must be made when expanding a business internationally.


Easy to find app partners you can trust as your business grows

  • The apps in our apps store make extensive use of publicly accessible data, which improves the user experience.

  • frontresources.Strengthen your customer connections with our inbuilt app..

  • Merge and simplify internal procedures with our third party app.

  • Maximize the amount of cash collected and tax flow with our tax calculator app.

Unique Apps for your business

All work to your advantage

Our dedicated apps will make it easier to connect with multiple payment gateways, that you are familiar with.

Integrate with any shipping company from our app store. Just search what you need and install.

Applications that optimize resource usage. Increase your store's foot traffic and, consequently, your income.

Reliable App Partners

Make your online business run more smoothly and save you time

  • You may incorporate our Reviews Widget into your own website if you so desire.

  • Evaluation, promotion, and sales are just a few of the services our application partners offer.

  • Integration of a server-to-server payment system.

  • Allows you to customize your shopping experience to meet your particular requirements.

  • We have compiled a list of our favourite marketing applications to help you stand out from the crowd.


Connect with multiple Email Marketing providers
  • You can connect with your MaiChimp account and import your existing email list and start sending promotional emails to your already existing customers.

  • Connect with other third party Email Marketing providers and boost your email campaign.

  • All of these features can be accessed through Bulqe's own app store, which could bring in more money and make people more loyal to the brand.

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